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Just A Matter of Pillow Talks

Pillows are one of the most comfortable things ever invented for sleeping. I like to sleep with many of them..soft, lightweight, large, small and fresh smelling. I also love to make them, mostly quilted pillowcases are my faves. I also love to recycle old pillowcases, those that have initial of former owners and stitched in their fronts. I have many pillows that were handed-down to me by hubby´s oma ( grandma) and they all got those lovely embroideries and vintage laces...

Here are some of the pillowcases I have made :

These are the set of quilted pillowcases I made using blue & white fabrics.. The patches were actually made as I went sewing them... I have these standard templates for the patches taken from a book and I just kind of cut any fabric coming along my way that have blue & white hues in them.

I mostly quilt the top of my pillowcases using masking tapes and this is one tool I would never miss in my other quilting project be it a bed cover or a bag, etc.

Of course, I also make normal pillowcases out of remnants.  From time to time, I would figure it out what the color scheme would be by choosing from my stored fabrics. I found the fabric rest used for the 3 pillows above from a store that sells curtains. If you happen to have a store nearby, go and ask whether they dispose some of those fabric rests of curtians whose lengths were adjusted for their client´s made to order pieces.

This white pillowcase was made of a rest fabric and I just added the vintage lace I found from
the fleamarket...

Yes, bolsters or neck rolls are fun to make and you could also sew in or attach vintage laces at each of the ends so they would look romantic..

And finally, this is a pink stripe cotton fabric which I found so romantic that I made a couple of pillowcases for my guest bedroom, added the rose design fabric, cut it into strips so it would look like a decor band and add the laces on both sides...

I hope that this blog has inspired you to make your own pillowcases, too!
Wishing everyone a nice evening ahead... Thanks for being here today.

Til Next,