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Two Oil Paintings

This painting depicts the fave flower pot of my dog Ako in our spanish finca...Hydrangeas, oil on canvass, 20x30 cm
Vienna is a city full of Arts & Museums and I feel so lucky to be able to live here. Visiting museums and seeing all those paintings of the masters are really fascinating and it is in this fascination that I started to give oil Painting a try... I´m not a painter, I never attended courses/classes, just self-taught thru books, researches plus having enthusiasm that one day I would be able to really paint. And so , hubby helped me all the way by providing his full support and gave me all materials necessary to start my project...easel, oil paints & brushes and other materials, and of course a couple of canvasses to start with...lucky are those who have so much time to pursue a hobby like this because I just envy them...

           The window of my neighbour´s " finca " captured in oil on canvas.

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Coming up soon.... Yoyo Quilt !  

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