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From Table Napkin To A Kitchenware - Decoupage

When our new kitchen arrived and  had been fitted in our spanish cortijo ( country house ) , the wooden drawers were really nice but they lack fitted compartments that would hold all the cutleries and kitchen utensils.. I have no idea why they were not  furnished at all. I just  found out that the sizes of the drawers were not standard sizes  just like the way we are used to in Central Europe.  Some 15 years ago, there was no Bauhaus or Ikea at that time in Southern Spain and rural areas have just started to be awaken from the slumber as a fishing village when the  first flocks of tourists came and started building their second homes there.
It´s the lack of these resources that made some homeowners improvised, travelled from village to village to look for materials and organized craftsmen to build their homes, we were one of them...

When  I gave up searching for  compartments for my kitchen drawers, it occured to me that I will never find the size I need anywhere unless I had it made to order.  And so, upon returning to my homeland, I gathered all the materials needed to make the compartments. As I had taken all the measurements of my spanish drawers it was easy to make the boxes myself... and so I did make them and here is the result of one of the 2 boxes I´m  sharing in this blog. 

First, I constructed the 2 boxes I need using simple woods available in Bauhaus Hardware Store. Then I painted the box with an acrylic white paint , repeating the coats so it is totally covered, I sanded , paint again all the surface, then with the napkin below, I used the decoupage  technique to decorate the inside of the box with this lemon motif.. I cut the lemon design carefully then pasted it to the wood by means of a decoupage glue. One can also use an acrylic transparent paint to glue the motif, but it should be handled with care as the napkins are so thin and very sensitive to liquids.
After the box dried, I coated it with a transparent matt acrylic paint 4 times and let it dry completely.

I made the box a bit shabby looking by sanding its edges ( in green )  so that it would look used. I was  happy with the results and my cutleries were just meant to be sitting in here nicely. And oh, by the way... the box fitted perfectly in my spanish kitchen drawers!

That´s just about for today....have a good start on your Thursday by just giving your first smile to the first person you see  and feel happy by doing so...

Til next,