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Blue & White Sampler Quilt

This sampler quilt was patiently made by piecing and putting all together  the 12 blocks by machine then handquilting each block with various quilt design...This was a christmas gift to my husband a few years back...I know it will take time to finish such project, but if  you´re
 patient enough and your perseverance prevails, then the  final moment will shed joy to yourself as well as to the one person receiving it as gift of love.

Here are the details of the 12 blocks based on simple templates common to the sampler quilt. The
fabrics were remnants of various blue colored projects done in the past.

There were no patterns followed for quilting each of the block,  just quilt as I went using masking tapes so lines would at least be straight.

For this circle, I used a round plate as the base for the quilting and then just followed its line as I quilt until I reached the inner square edge of the block. All the rest of th space were just filled with stitches.

The same star pattern is one of the most common designs in a quilt sampler and one can use various shades of fabric thereby changing the appearance of the block.

That´s just about for now, hope you got some ideas for your next quilt... Thank you for reading my blog. Wishing you all a good night sleep and for those who are in Asia, wish you a beautiful day, keep on smiling!

Til next,