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A Fascination - Charm Bracelets

Minerals or semi-precious stones are fun to work at. It really amazes me how these simple stones can be turned into fabulous jewels. An english lady beside me at the Airport was wearing such a very pretty bracelet made of various stones and charms that was set on a brass wire.. I just love what I saw and kept the image on my mind and I promised myself I will make one someday.  

A few online researches plus a couple of books on the methods of  crafting mineral stones into a jewelry  fascinated me more than I can imagine. The next thing I knew, I was into this craft and started making some pieces that  could matched any lady´s attire, casual or elegant.  The charm bracelet in the above photo was one of the  firsts  I did that was ordered & sold out to an american lady who in turn gave it to her mother as a Christmas present. 

It is indeed a great feeling having someone out  there finding my lovingly handcrafted crafts being loved and appreciated.


Here are some of the charm bracelets I made  and am sure , more will be finished soon as I find more time to do this exciting craft.

Sponge Corals and fresh water pearls    

       Lapiz Lazuli

                               Various colored agate            

I hope you have enjoyed today´s feature of the charm bracelets.

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