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Bags for a New Yorker Lady

As promised, here are 2 more bags that I made similar to the blue & white stripes previously posted. They were meant for a longtime friend who lives in New York. They are very special, because they came from the first series of bags that I designed myself... The one on top is also handquilted and had 4 layers of fabrics including a lining that made it a bit stift.  As in all the bags I make, I see to it that they are of good quality materials. The inside lining is also 100% cotton.

Anyone who knows me in my Facebook page would know my design and that is to put a pleated band of different fabric and color to the top part... I also see to it that the color scheme of the band matches to the color hues of the bag body.

The lila bag above was machine quilted and was also made just the same way as the one shown on top most.  The picture shows the bag was in process, although I was really in stress finishing reports for my corporate job, I finally did its finishing touches before my trip commenced... I handed them over to the new owner who is a very dear lady friend from New York when we both visited our family in Asia.

I have so many craft ideas in mind and the only  thing that is lacking is time to realize those
projects .... time is so essential and that is what I don´t have at the moment..... Oh well,  I´ll find it soon somehow.

Thanks for reading and visiting me today! Have a nice evening/afternoon to all in the world wherever you are in right now!

Til next,