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Ako´s Lone Star Quilt...A Tribute

So much time have been spent in making this quilt. The template of the patches were taken from a book whose author was a Swiss lady. The fabric for the star was actually curtain remnants and I kind of imagine it as a project that would take plenty of time... As far as I can remember, it took me a couple of 2 summers to make this. But, I develop a method where I can patch the star quickly and that is to patch the rows one by one and as soon as the row is complete, patch it to another row. Sometimes, it´s difficult to patch exactly but I really tried my best to piece the edges exactly together, otherwise the star would not be symmetrical in its form... Somehow, I managed to complete the Star.

This Quilt travelled so far during its making. From Austria, this has reached Spain where we spent much of the cold months, fleeing away from cold central Europe. My dog, Ako the Rotti always went along with us wherever we went. And everytime I did the the quilting of this project , "Burli" as we fondly called our dog, would come and pressed his nose on my quilt and urged me to play stick throwing with him. 

This quilt has a total of 395 patches or pieces including the back side. I made the pattern of the quilt design by having it zoomed to a bigger size , have it printed and made the quilting pattern by outlining the print with holes...Then transferred it to the quilt top using dressmaker´s chalk..

From Spain, we brought the finished quilt back to Austria and it´s now on the wall of our Viennese home. This quilt is dedicated to our beloved dog for he was an inspiration to us and so it bears his name...Ako´s Lone Star Quilt... Thank you for reading my blog... Have a happy Sunday!

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