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Displaying Decorative Plates

Collecting blue and white ceramics is fun, and it´s really awesome to collect them.  My plates are simple and do not really cost so much, it is these two colors that really attract me to collect them. Since I only have small space to display them, either I put them in cupboards grouped together or hang them on walls or display them standing on top of a cupboard or plate rack..

   Above,  I grouped the plates together with other blue & white wares in the cupboard

Using the above holders, I also display them on top of cupboards or drawers. What makes the display interesting is the different mixtures of the shapes and designs of the plates, and again, the pulling factor is its blue & white colors.

I also use this plate holder intended for plates that do not have holes for wall hanging. They come in various sizes and you can  get  them in household stores or Home Decor shops or maybe in your nearest hardware shop.

It was my desire to get a plate rack to display the tiny plates that hubby & I collected, but I wasn´t able to find one that I like.... so I built the one above using simple wooden strips , put them together, nailed, painted, sanded, and painted again then stenciled. This plate rack was my gift to my hubby on his birthday.

So dear friends, do not hide your decorative  plates, with those simple ideas you should show-off your wonderful collection , enjoy it and let your heart smile!

Til next,