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The Making of Irish´s Necklace

When my niece Irish asked me to make a mineral necklace for her, I set-up to work and made one for her. The materials I used  were sponge corals, brass toggle and brass wires for the chains. Here are the pics  that would show the beginning, progress as well as the finished necklace.

There are lots of  mineral shops in and around Vienna, so many semi-precious stones to choose from...It´s really difficult  which/what stones to use because the supply of various beads is really enorm. As you can see above, I have used sponge corals, they are not endangered types , so they are available  in any market in Asia, Europe or the US.

I  have a set of electronic tools  ( above) which are so superb to use to bend, cut and design the wire for the stones being put together to form the necklace.

I love using  toggles as closure for this necklace because they´re more handier than any other clasp.

When I finished  her necklace, I wrapped it and sent it to Irish via Airmail and thank God it arrived safely to its destinations.

I was so relieved that she got her necklace intact and you can see it from her face that she is happy about it. That´s all for today and I hope you all have a good start of the week. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Til next,