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Ako The Rottie

I still remember the very first day when we met him as puppy from a farmer breeder in April  of 1994.  Ako was then 13 weeks old, he had grown up to be the most behaved Rottweiler  I have ever known. He never went to dog´s school to learn commands,  we just trained him instinctively for he was an  intelligent dog. 

 He really made our lives wonderful and was a joy to us. Unfortunately, in Spring of 2007,  we had to put himto sleep forever after suffering from an invasive hip problems at age 14.

The pencil portrait above was my first attempt to draw him some months after his passing-away in 2007.



Below is  the second pencil portrait  that followed based on the cellphone photo of him on a different angle.

 Oh how I would wish to have a formal training on drawing... if I would only have the time.

Some members  of my family are natural born artists,  my guess is that...
 we have it ín our genes, LOL!

  As of now, I just draw whatever pleases me and tried to really
 capture the object on paper as good as I can.

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