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Decorating - Staircase Wall

The row house we live in  reminds me of the houses in Amsterdam, those tiny pretty little houses that have many stairs..
Our house has total of 48 steps to reach the top most floor of the house and so as to avoid dull moments while going upstairs, we filled the empty walls of the staircase with various pictures that we love...Some were handed-down to us from family, some bought and some discovered in the flea market. The frames in the above pictures are mismatched but its group has one theme and that is flowers!

This grouping is a collection of masks we started when we once  lived in Africa. Though they aren´t pictures, they adorn our wall as well. Masks collection is still growing and added recently is a mask from the Ifugao tribe in Northern Philippines, while others came from Senegal, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda.

We also love to collect copper etchings on Architecture... I was lucky to have received 4 of  Michael Coudehove Kalergi´s Architectural Etchings from a company I worked before.

The huge Batik you see above came from Nigeria. We removed its big frame when we transported it
back home , made its present frame out of simple wooden strips and painted it black. The embroidery below of a lily flower is my own stitchery project that I started  long before but only finished some 20 years after in Vienna.

I hope that you have picked-up one or two ideas from today´s blog... The last August week will be hot, at least in Europe, so keep your coolness and continue what you´re aiming for..

Have a nice Sunday everyone!!!

Til next,