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My Moroccan Style Terrace

My fascination with tiling has been there since my childhood days. All  those bright & brilliant colors and design of the tiles....I supposed it´s the family background that got me into it. My  Dad was a construction supervisor  and had been into building my whole life. .. I would look at how his masons worked on those lovely tiles on the wall.
My moorish terrace was inspired by a moroccan/spanish garden. I made the tiling in 2 parts.. First year, the sitting area,the following year, the walls.

The rest of unused blue and white tiles covered the top of the round table below . The glass of the round table was damaged by a storm and made to order replacements were hard to find in those days in this area of Spain..The project was not really difficult but time consuming and with the help of my electric tile cutter, the shaping of the tile was no problem.

The second project was this natural stone staircase below, intended for the cactus garden. All stones were gathered from the site (avocado plantation). I like working with natural stones ´cause the design outcome is somehow more interesting than that of the ceramic tiles,... Here are some fotos I want to share....But, a warning for everyone who might want to try this... it´s a backbreaking job, so be careful and always make a pause...!

                                            Me working on the steps to my cactus garden


I have enjoyed making the tiling of my spanish terrace, The blue & white color I chose for the tiles was just perfect for a mediterranean setting.

Til next,